Saturday, June 2, 2007

HK- Ladies' Street

OK .. ok .. I am back AGAIN .. hahaha :)

Hmm .. what should I post? Let me think . ok .. let me show you one of HK's favourite destination ok? The place is called Ladies' Street. Ladies' Street in HK is exactly like Petaling Street and it is an open air bazaar. There are about 100 stalls selling all different things :)At Ladies' Street, you will be able to find the cheapest and largest collections of clothes, watches, bags, scarfs, toys and many many more unexpected things :) Well, the stalls start business from morning till about 11 pm on weekdays and maybe until mid night during weekends.

I was there last 2 weeks and able to take a few photos, so, do have a look at those photos ok?

Besides buying things at Ladies' Street, there are many eatery places around the area. One of the famous dessert show located near Ladies Street is called Hui Lau San.

So, does the Ladies' Street in HK looks like Petaling Street in KL? Hehehehe :)

5 precious comments:

Steffi the Numbnut said...

Haha, I've heard that they sell REALLY "special" items there...:P

I am Princess Misha's mum said...

yeah . really really "special"
but dare not take photos .. later kena chased hahahahaha

Steffi the Numbnut said...

Can lah, I think I saw those "special items" photos on Kenny Sia's blog. Use hp better...can pretend to be fiddling with it, but in actual fact, you are taking pictures.

cutiepie said...

dontcha feel at home going there??? *happy furday*

lasilasi said...

must go shopping there one day!! =p