Friday, August 29, 2008

Bento #4 @ 260808

26 August 2008.

Today I need to prepare food for snack and lunch. Snack is much easier whereas as for lunch, I tried to be adventureous, so I made the following .. hahaha :) Don't laugh, ok I am still learning :)

for snack time
biscuit with tuna dip/raisins/mashmellow and some jelly candies :)
for lunch
rice decorated with seaweed in the shape of keyboard/brocolli/
carrots/fishball and fried nam yee pork


longan without seeds

That's all for the day. Need to look around how I can decorated my bento better .. hahaha :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bento #3 @ 250808

updates :-

Misha's chinese teacher called up earlier. Asked me whether it is ok for her to promote Misha ie from Chinese Foreign Language (CFL) to Chinese Native Language (CNL) class. Misha has been in the CFL Class for the last 2 years and what she learnt there was basically simplified chinese characters but in CNL Class, it will be very different, since it is basically cater for chinese speaking students and the students will learn traditional chinese characters. The teacher proposed Misha to the "upgrade" because she felt that Misha is capable to do so.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I am quite proud of Misha for showing her interest in chinese language even though she reluctant to speak mandarin or any dialects and the teacher actually acknowledged her capability and interest to learn chinese :)

Misha darling, Mummy is so proud of you. I hope that we will go through this learning chinese process together even though Mummy does not know chinese too ... hahaha :)

25 August 2008.

Misha will have school lunch today. She wanted to try the cafeteria's baked macaroni and cheese with sweet corn. Since she has decided to have school lunch, what I need to do is to prepare some food for her snack time.

This is what I have prepared :-

bread with ham/strawberry and varieties of fruits :)

That's so easy to prepare .. hahaha ... :) Happy Bento-ing:)

Oh yeah, I have bought another 3 lunch box (one of them is the pooh face container that I have been looking for it for ages) for Misha .. hahaha .. will post up photos later :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bento #2 @ 220808

These are what I have prepared for Misha on her 2nd day of school ... but but after all done, was told that school will be closed for the day due to Typhoon Nuri. Anyway, let her eat all of them since I have already prepared :)

for snack
mashmellow/lychee jelly/raisins/japanese cakes
cherry tomatoes/carrots/apples
bread with strawberry jam/butter and sugar/cheese and ham
Ribenna :)

Misha will be having school lunch today (Monday) and this Friday. That's meant that I only need to prepare snacks for these two days.
Ok . ... that's all for today's bento... byeee

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bento #1 @ 210808

21 August 2008. Misha's first day back to school after a long summer holidays. Like previous years, she has been home lunches to school mostly everyday. On certain occassion only, she will ask for school lunch provided that the menu suits her.

Over the summer holidays, I have visited many blogs that posted many nice bentos and when Misha saw them, she asked me whether I can make for her. Well ... how could I say no. We started by buying bento accessories, then, containers and many more. Lost count of how much I have spent (luckily husband has yet to complain)

Below is the first bento that I have made for her. I personally think that it is quite similar to what I have been preparing for her for the last few months ie one container for snack time and one container for lunch, then some fruits and drinks. The difference now, maybe, the fruits/vegetables are cut into nicer shapes and more deco are added into each of the containers and more importantly, with these new things, it will encourage her to eat more :)

Let's have a look

her snack/lunch bag
for snack and lunch
for snack

consists of kuih lapis, seaweed,biscuit with strawberry dip and some sprinkles
yakult to be stored in the insulated small bag - to keep cold till about 10.30am
fruits (rock melon and longan) and also cheese cubes
fried udon and some boiled veges (brocolli and carrot)

Well, that's all for today :) Oh yeah .. Misha finished everything and she is really happy with the ribbon tied snack box with a short message from me. The first thing she did when she saw me after school is to give me a big hug and said "Thank you for the wonderful bento". Guess my hard work didn't go down the drain hehehe :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bento Shopping #3

Bought this container while window shopping with Misha. She told me that she like it very much. Checked the price, quite reasonable, therefore, bought for her.

Another item to be added to the Bento Collection :) I seriously need to learn how to make bento food now since I have already promised her that I will prepare for her school lunch everyday once she starts her school! So Misha, you need to bear with Mum ok if the food is not that nice and attractive :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Princess Misha

My princess will be starting school tomorrow. She will be in Year 4... sigh.... time flies real fast :) She has been in this school for the last two years but it seems like only yesterday she started her 1st day in school.

As a Mum, I am definately very proud of her. She does not only excel well in her studies but she is also one of the students that actively involve in school's extra activities. Misha darling, I am really proud of you! I really hope that you will be as hardworking as the previous years and be a good girl, ok? Let's hope that your new teacher is someone that we hope for ..ok?

All the best to my dearest Princess Misha :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Park, One System?

As per as stated in the SCMP dated 30 July 2008 " ..... Under the pilot scheme, migrants living and working in Shenzhen will be able to join group tours to Disneyland without having to return to their home provinces to obtain travel permits.

An estimated 12 million of Shenzhen's 16 million residents are migrants, although a majority of this floating population are poor workers.

Under the initiative, the 200 to 300 mainland-sanctioned Hong Kong travel companies can organise group tours to Disneyland for non-Guangdong residents who have lived and worked in Shenzhen for at least a year.A Disneyland spokesman said details were being finalised but the pilot scheme would probably last a year.

A government spokesman had said it was hoped that other attractions would be added to the scheme at an appropriate time. Later, the government said groups under the pilot scheme could stay overnight and go elsewhere in the city but their itinerary would have to include Disneyland.
A spokesman for Ocean Park said it was a good arrangement and he hoped the park could be included in the scheme soon.Charles Li Kui-wai, associate professor of economics and finance at City University, said there were many ways for Disneyland to promote itself to mainland visitors.

"This interference by the government is not good. How can there be a trade agreement for Hong Kong Disneyland? Why not Ocean Park? Why not Ngong Ping 360?" Mr Li said.

John Ap, Polytechnic University associate professor of tourism, said Disneyland's special deal raised questions about a level playing field. "Adopting a cynical approach, you can say something is fishy here." Although there was nothing to prevent Ocean Park and other attractions from pursuing similar benefits, Dr Ap said the need for this initiative might underline Disneyland's below-target performance so far.

Paul Leung Yiu-lam, president of the Hong Kong Inbound Travel Association, said it was unfair for the trial period to last as long as a year.

Mr Leung, who is also managing director of Holiday World Tours, said same-day Shenzhen group tours to Disneyland would probably be priced no higher than HK$400 per visitor. Holiday World Tours was authorised by the mainland and would be interested in conducting the Shenzhen tours, he said.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board welcomed the initiative".

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blue Moon

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Guess what these people lined up for :)

Went to Wan Chai last week. Saw many people on the overhead bridge. Can you guess what are these people doing?

Can you guess? Another chance, do guess :) Hahaha .. give up? Ok .. they are lining up for






Yes FREE Ribena :) They are actually lining up for Ribena and each person will get one free Ribena

Mamma Mia! The Movie Trailer

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dressage - Equestrian Olympic @ Shatin, HK on 090808

We have booked the tickets for Dressage-Equestrian since 1.5 months. By that time, most of the interesting events were already fully booked but only left those that are not so good ones :) We decided to watch two events ie Dressage (090808) and Jumping (150808).

We left our apartment at about 6pm. The event will only start at 715pm. We took the shuttle bus to University Train Station and from there, we took a free shuttle service to Shatin Competition Venue. The journey supposed to be like 10 minutes but due to some unforseen circumtances the bus took approximately 30 minutes to reach the venue.

people waiting for free shuttle bus to Shatin Competition Venue

more people waiting

but there were many shuttle bus so the time of waiting was not that bad

more people were waiting at the other side

misha showing off her tickets :)
mobile toilets found at the venue for easy access :)
more people waiting in line

yes! we were on the bus to go to shatin competition venue
reached Shatin Competition Venue - more waiting to go to the venue itself
lines and lines of people :(
security check
after security check - many stalls selling things
more people but now more relaxing
Olympic mascot - far away

Misha and one of the mascot, ie Jing Jing
people lining up to buy drinks and food

the stage for us to sit
inside the venue itself - seated

more people

break time - 15 minutes. time to clean up the place
misha (1)
misha (2)
:) asking us to cheer!

the VIP Suite
We left the venue at about 10.30 pm even though the event was not over. Do not want to stuck in the human jam again. By the time we reached the shuttle bus area, there were a lot of people waiting for the bus.

The next event that we will be watching is jumping, it will be held on tomorrow. Hopefully this event will be more interesting since Misha said that Dressage was really boring :(