Friday, August 22, 2008

Bento #1 @ 210808

21 August 2008. Misha's first day back to school after a long summer holidays. Like previous years, she has been home lunches to school mostly everyday. On certain occassion only, she will ask for school lunch provided that the menu suits her.

Over the summer holidays, I have visited many blogs that posted many nice bentos and when Misha saw them, she asked me whether I can make for her. Well ... how could I say no. We started by buying bento accessories, then, containers and many more. Lost count of how much I have spent (luckily husband has yet to complain)

Below is the first bento that I have made for her. I personally think that it is quite similar to what I have been preparing for her for the last few months ie one container for snack time and one container for lunch, then some fruits and drinks. The difference now, maybe, the fruits/vegetables are cut into nicer shapes and more deco are added into each of the containers and more importantly, with these new things, it will encourage her to eat more :)

Let's have a look

her snack/lunch bag
for snack and lunch
for snack

consists of kuih lapis, seaweed,biscuit with strawberry dip and some sprinkles
yakult to be stored in the insulated small bag - to keep cold till about 10.30am
fruits (rock melon and longan) and also cheese cubes
fried udon and some boiled veges (brocolli and carrot)

Well, that's all for today :) Oh yeah .. Misha finished everything and she is really happy with the ribbon tied snack box with a short message from me. The first thing she did when she saw me after school is to give me a big hug and said "Thank you for the wonderful bento". Guess my hard work didn't go down the drain hehehe :)

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Blur Angel said...

wow mommy , that's very impressive! where's the big daughter's lunch bento ? :) Keep it up!

Angeleyes said...

Wow! Nice!

Btw, thanks for popping by my sites... :)

Princess Geraldine's mummy said...

Nice and yummy bento meals you've prepared for the lovely know what, I like the bag that you keep the lunch for her..the Hello Kitty one!Misha is so lucky to have a good mummy like you.Waiting to see more post on your bento..

Annie Q said...

nice nice nice nice nice..very nice!!!!!!

allthingspurple said...

me too, me too !! the lunchbox I used to prepare for the kids has the same kind of food, except those days, there weren't those kawaii foodpicks, barans, foodcups etc around, nor were they cut into cute shapes then, save for stars and hearts.haha.

Bento Pet said...

Awesome start!!