Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dressage - Equestrian Olympic @ Shatin, HK on 090808

We have booked the tickets for Dressage-Equestrian since 1.5 months. By that time, most of the interesting events were already fully booked but only left those that are not so good ones :) We decided to watch two events ie Dressage (090808) and Jumping (150808).

We left our apartment at about 6pm. The event will only start at 715pm. We took the shuttle bus to University Train Station and from there, we took a free shuttle service to Shatin Competition Venue. The journey supposed to be like 10 minutes but due to some unforseen circumtances the bus took approximately 30 minutes to reach the venue.

people waiting for free shuttle bus to Shatin Competition Venue

more people waiting

but there were many shuttle bus so the time of waiting was not that bad

more people were waiting at the other side

misha showing off her tickets :)
mobile toilets found at the venue for easy access :)
more people waiting in line

yes! we were on the bus to go to shatin competition venue
reached Shatin Competition Venue - more waiting to go to the venue itself
lines and lines of people :(
security check
after security check - many stalls selling things
more people but now more relaxing
Olympic mascot - far away

Misha and one of the mascot, ie Jing Jing
people lining up to buy drinks and food

the stage for us to sit
inside the venue itself - seated

more people

break time - 15 minutes. time to clean up the place
misha (1)
misha (2)
:) asking us to cheer!

the VIP Suite
We left the venue at about 10.30 pm even though the event was not over. Do not want to stuck in the human jam again. By the time we reached the shuttle bus area, there were a lot of people waiting for the bus.

The next event that we will be watching is jumping, it will be held on tomorrow. Hopefully this event will be more interesting since Misha said that Dressage was really boring :(

2 precious comments:

Sasha said...

misha looked very hot eh? But luckily she can take pic with the mascot. Eh what about mummy?

Princess Geraldine's mummy said...

I like Misha's picture with the mascot. My girl loves all the mascots, still collecting it from McDonald Happy Meal. I got watch the games on Astro..