Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bento #3 @ 250808

updates :-

Misha's chinese teacher called up earlier. Asked me whether it is ok for her to promote Misha ie from Chinese Foreign Language (CFL) to Chinese Native Language (CNL) class. Misha has been in the CFL Class for the last 2 years and what she learnt there was basically simplified chinese characters but in CNL Class, it will be very different, since it is basically cater for chinese speaking students and the students will learn traditional chinese characters. The teacher proposed Misha to the "upgrade" because she felt that Misha is capable to do so.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I am quite proud of Misha for showing her interest in chinese language even though she reluctant to speak mandarin or any dialects and the teacher actually acknowledged her capability and interest to learn chinese :)

Misha darling, Mummy is so proud of you. I hope that we will go through this learning chinese process together even though Mummy does not know chinese too ... hahaha :)

25 August 2008.

Misha will have school lunch today. She wanted to try the cafeteria's baked macaroni and cheese with sweet corn. Since she has decided to have school lunch, what I need to do is to prepare some food for her snack time.

This is what I have prepared :-

bread with ham/strawberry and varieties of fruits :)

That's so easy to prepare .. hahaha ... :) Happy Bento-ing:)

Oh yeah, I have bought another 3 lunch box (one of them is the pooh face container that I have been looking for it for ages) for Misha .. hahaha .. will post up photos later :)

5 precious comments:

Blur Angel said...

Hey , It is good that she can be proceed to the advanced level but i would say it is better to learn the simplified Chinese than the traditional one because it is more commonly used now.

Princess Geraldine's mummy said...

Hi, SieChoo! So glad to hear the good comment(s) from Misha's teacher. For me, sure I will let Misha go for the advance level...but you need to make sure she'll let you know if anything she can't cope or feel don't like it.Anyway, I think Misha can do very WELL!

Annie Q said...

Wow..this is good! Should let Misha to proceed to learn the traditional chinese characters, good for her. So u and Misha can learn together gether lo. heheheh

allthingspurple said...

Misha is such an intelligent girl. You must be so proud of her.

And love all the shapes in your bento of today !! I did a star sandwich bento today too ! although my star sandwhich bento is nowhere as pretty as yours.

LZmommy said...

She must be good otherwise the teacher would not have promote her to the next level :) Well done Misha! :) Next time, can ask you girl to teach you ;)

Wow! All the lovely bento boxes! Hong Kong is another good place to buy all the cutie stuffs :)