Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Princess Misha

My princess will be starting school tomorrow. She will be in Year 4... sigh.... time flies real fast :) She has been in this school for the last two years but it seems like only yesterday she started her 1st day in school.

As a Mum, I am definately very proud of her. She does not only excel well in her studies but she is also one of the students that actively involve in school's extra activities. Misha darling, I am really proud of you! I really hope that you will be as hardworking as the previous years and be a good girl, ok? Let's hope that your new teacher is someone that we hope for ..ok?

All the best to my dearest Princess Misha :)

5 precious comments:

Sasha said...

Time flies eh ?

Aiyoh her posses! So supermodel like!

Princess Geraldine's mummy said...

Yup, me too so proud of you, SieChoo. She's such a pretty girl and she's definitely will become a good and hardworking girl.Wow, she is in year 4, really can't imagine...when only will be my girl is now spending her 1 week school holiday at home...she will spends another 4 months b4 moves up to Pri 1.

Annie Q said...

i'm sure Misha always is the good girl and always make u proud. U did a good job Sie Choo!!

sue said...

So good your girl good in her studies... and she's good in her poses too! *hehe*

wen said...

ur daughter can really poise and beautiful! future HKG supermodel? oh no, ms HK and famous actress!