Friday, August 28, 2009

New Dish #2- Fried Eggs with Chives

Misha never like Chives but decided to try this new dish - hopefully she likes it :) Recipe will be posted @ Learning To Cook later when I am free - meanwhile .. have a nice day :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Lunch @ 27 August 2009

Today's lunch is simple - just some grilled chicken breat and sambal fish. Since I did not include any vegetables, I have given her 2 portions of fruits :)

I also prepared Egg Tart for her snack. Hopefully, she will finish all. Hubby told me that Misha will definately finish what I have prepared for her since she loves my food very much .. well .. hopefully she able to finish all.

Today will be a more relax day - no extra activities BUT still will have lots of homeworks from school and she has to do ABRSM Past year questions in personal capacity since her exam will be held during the 1st week of October. Imagine, sitting for Grade 2 but only started learning since late June... hopefully she can pass :)

That's all for now .. till then, take care :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Dish #1 - Vietnamese "Shaking" Beef

Will post - recipe @Learning To Cook when I am free - meanwhile enjoy the photo first ok?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Lunch @ 25 August 2009

Basically, I have prepared nearly the same things for Misha today. Her lunch consisted of Prawn Sambal, Fried minced pork with potatoes, Sweet corn and some vegetables. I also gave her longan as fruits of the day :)

Close up of the lunch .. :)
That's her lunch today -she requested for sausages and bread tomorrow since she will have her vocal class during lunch and only have 10 mins for lunch :) Need to think what to prepare besides the sausage/bread :)
Got to go .. bye and have a nice tuesday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

School Lunch @ 24 August 2009

School started two days ago ... but I did not prepare any lunch for her because for the first few days, she actually need to "take care" of her new friend-ie a new student.

Misha has to bring the girl around and accompany her until she is comfortable with the school environment :)

But yesteday, she told me that if possible, she would like me to prepare some lunch for her so that she can eat rather than eating sandwich from the school :)

Anyway, I have prepared something simple for her so that she can finish them quickly :)

Let's have a look :)

one of the two new lunch bag :) She loves KUROMI now ... dunno why :)

For snack time and lunch time ..

Rice with some sambal ikan bilis/fried minced meat with potatoes and some veges; a small portion of oranges; sweet corn (in the blue wrapper); some junks! and Mr Juicy orange juice :)

That's her lunch for the day - yeah .. I supposed to decorate the rice .. with whatever cute things but .. NOOOO time!! I actually woke up at 730am .. which is considered late. Anyway, will try to do better next time :0

Till then.. bye!