Monday, August 24, 2009

School Lunch @ 24 August 2009

School started two days ago ... but I did not prepare any lunch for her because for the first few days, she actually need to "take care" of her new friend-ie a new student.

Misha has to bring the girl around and accompany her until she is comfortable with the school environment :)

But yesteday, she told me that if possible, she would like me to prepare some lunch for her so that she can eat rather than eating sandwich from the school :)

Anyway, I have prepared something simple for her so that she can finish them quickly :)

Let's have a look :)

one of the two new lunch bag :) She loves KUROMI now ... dunno why :)

For snack time and lunch time ..

Rice with some sambal ikan bilis/fried minced meat with potatoes and some veges; a small portion of oranges; sweet corn (in the blue wrapper); some junks! and Mr Juicy orange juice :)

That's her lunch for the day - yeah .. I supposed to decorate the rice .. with whatever cute things but .. NOOOO time!! I actually woke up at 730am .. which is considered late. Anyway, will try to do better next time :0

Till then.. bye!

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