Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lemon Cupcakes @ 24 April 2009

Misha will have skating class on every friday. Friday is considered as one of the "craziest" day for her and for me, too! Why? Sigh .. she will finish school at 250pm and her skating class starts at 4pm. We need to rush to the train station to take a train there (to save money - if take cab one way costs us about HK110 - too expensive) .. So .. we need to RUSH!

Usually when reaches at the skating school, I will get some snacks for her. Since I am quite free this morning, I have decided to bake her some cupcakes! Lemon cupcakes to be exact!

Come, have a look at the lovely cupcakes.

Verdict - Misha loves the cupcakes very much and asked me to bake more for her but this round, she wanted to bake WITH me :)

2 precious comments:

Annie Q said...

aiyooo....7 early 8 early tempt me with this yummy Lemon cupcakes!! How nice to eat it with a cup of hot nescafe...drooolllllll....

NomadicMom said...

yummy! I love lemon cupcakes too.