Monday, June 8, 2009

Report Card - Second Semester @ Y4WK

5 June 2009

YES! Misha received her report card today ... well, not that excited lar since we already expected what teacher will write in the card:)

Basically, she is doing quite well in school. Her knowledge on most of the subjects are Outstanding except Chinese-consistent. So, Misha ... must put extra efforts in Chinese, ok?

Well, we hope that she will maintain this standard OR become better when she goes to Year 5 in September.

OH yeah ... something worth record down... :) Her teacher did mention something about her .. let's see .. what she has written :-

"Misha continues to be a principled and hard-working member of our class who can always be depended on the help out with classroom jobs and responsibilities. her enthusiasm towards her learning has continued throughout the year. Although her confidence as a communicator is an asset in many ways, she can sometimes be slightly domineering over less-confident communicators in her group. (Macam lar - my Misha bullies those less confident kids .. hahahaha) She is encouraged to lower her voices at times and give others more opportunities to share their ideas. (Another scarcastic remarks .. hahaha .. Misha told me that she wanted to see teacher so that the teacher can explain to her on this statement as she said that teacher never said that she has LOUD voices .. hahaha). Misha has continued to show commitment to her reading and has now widened her choice of reading materials to include a more varied selection of text types. She has shown improvement in her home-learning reflections and continues to look for ways to improve her understanding and skills"

Anyway, that's all for this round - will need to go to school on 19 June for Student Led Conference where the students need to explain to their parents on selected works that they have done :) And guess what, school will ends on 24 June ... It will be a long 8 weeks holidays!!! SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!!


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Bento Pet said...

Congratulations to Misha on her good results.

Take the comments as constructive criticism rather than to react to them, work to overcome them and she will surely grow into a wonderful and respected leader.

zmm said...

Misha, it must be all the Bentos your mummy is feeding you until you are so clever. :P

Keep it up.

zmm said...

wei wei.. my comments not being saved wo.

Annie Q said...

Well done Misha!

Princess Geraldine's mummy said...

Well done, Misha and keep up the good work!

Susan Yuen said...

Congratulations Misha!

Hijackqueen said...

Wah, the teacher write such a long comment wan ah?