Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NOBU @ InterContinental Hotel, HK

28 September 2009

Had our lunch at NOBU @ InterContinental Hotel. It supposed to be a surprised where hubby did not tell both of us where we going for lunch - he just told us to get ready by 1130am and lunch will be at 12:00 noon.

When we reached the hotel, then only we knew where we going to eat :) Let's have a look what we had on that day :)

12 different types of appetiser
misha's main course (1) - Sauteed prawns and scallops with teriyaki sauce
Hubby's main course(1) - Beef Tenderloin with Wasabi Pepper Sauce
MINE main course (1) - Black cod Saikyo Yaki
Main course (2) - Hot Udon with Seafood Base (mine);Chirashi(Hubby) and lastly Hand rolls (Misha - Misha's a bit interesting. The chef actually came and taught her how to prepare the hand rolls and she is given all the ingredients to prepare her own :)
Desserts - Chocolate Bento Box (Green Tea Icecream with chocolate fudge)- Misha; Bread Pudding with Rum and Raisin Icecream -Mine and lastly Caramel Creme Brulee - Hubby's.

It was a lovely lunch. Everyone went back home HAPPY and full :)Well .. hope to go back there again SOOON!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Bought mooncake last week from MAXIM. Maxim's mooncake is considered one of the best mooncake in HK. Let's have a look :)

Today just bought another snowy mooncake from Taipan ... will try out later and let you guys know whether nice or not ok?

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Dish #4 - Deep fried ribs and Acar Fish @ 3 September 2009

Misha has been staying at home since Wednesday (2 September) because her school was closed for one week. Reason?? High percentage of students having flu and because of the spreading of H1N1 again, the school has decided to close primary school.

Since no school, Misha has been quite busy at home - the students are given homeworks for 3 and 4 september - quite alot actually and besides school homeworks she has to do lots of exercises on her theory since her exam will be held next month. Anyway, I think it is good since all the works will keep her busy :)

Ok .. let's look at the new dishes I have tried :-

deep fried ribs

Acar fish
I will post the recipes here when I am free. Till then, take care :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Dishes #3 @ 1 September 2009

New dishes that I made the other day .... they are good and both bosses love them very much :)

Anyway, I will try to upload the recipes here when I am free ... do try out, ok? Till then, take care :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Herbal Duck Noodles Soup :)

Every weekends are very busy for me. Once of the things that I have to do is sit down and plan for the following weekdays' dinners. I really do find that it is quite difficult to plan as I really do not know what to cook. Anyway, last weekend, Misha did tell me that she wanted to eat noodles and I have decided to try "Herbal Duck Noodles Soup" then.

Conclusion is that the soup did come out delicious and both bosses love it very much and requested me to cook again next time :)

If you are interested to try out this, do get the recipe from here :)