Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back in Malaysia from 6-15 November 2008

YES!! I am going back to KL with Misha today .. yeah yeah .. she is going to "ponteng" school for about 6 days hehehe ... bad bad Mum .. but but I have to bring her back with me since no will take care of her if I go back alone :)
Why going back to KL? Hmmmm ..
  1. to settle some matters related to the house
  2. to buy things .. yeah .. this is the best part
  3. to meet up with some old and new friends
  4. to meet up with parents :) Misha misses her grandparents very much. The last time they spent time with her was in July .. sigh .. time passes real fast .. that was about 5 months ago ... :(
  5. to get my bento things from Chooi Peng :) so looking forward to see the accessories :0
  6. to pass bento things to some friends that they ordered from me
  7. to eat eat eat and eat :0
  8. ..
  9. ..
  10. ..
  11. dunno what else :)

Anyway, it is nice to go back again since the last time we went back was like 6 months ago :) Till then .. ta ta take care :)

3 precious comments:

Annie Q said...

have a safe trip back! Njoy your stay and enjoy the good food here!!!
Can't wait to meet up with u for the first time!!!!! hahahhahahhahahaha

Anonymous said...

aiya...1st appointment oso latt dai leh??

huisia said...

wow, go back again! hehe...enjoy yourself with those malaysia foods!