Monday, November 10, 2008

Bento #29 @271008

27 October 2008

Today is Monday - first day back to school after one week school holidays. So looking forward to prepare school lunch for Misha :)

Ingredients were bought from a supermarket the night before Monday - things are quite expensive there, anyway it is ok provided that Misha able to finish everything :)

Let's have a look what I have prepared for her :)

cute looking shaped rice :) - Misha so happy when I showed her this before I packed them in her lunch bag - she said "ooooh .. so cute!!"

brocolli/carrot/scallops with garlic salt and a bit of herbs (Misha's favourite!) and of course a small portion of salmon :)

apples cut into pooh shaped/jelly/cube cheese :)

She finished everything even though she has only 20 minutes to have her lunch. She has to attend Challenge Programmes during the 1st part of one hour lunch on every Mondays to Fridays except on Wednesday. That's all for today!

2 precious comments:

Blur Angel said...

HOpe that you are enjoying your trip back in Malaysia!! take care !

Annie Q said...

Wah!! I like the rice very much! So cute!!!!