Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bento #46 - 10 February 2009

10 February 2009

From this week onwards, Misha will only have 1/2 hour to have her lunch in school instead of the usual 1 hour lunch break. What happened to the other 1/2 hour? Well ... she has to attend different extra curriculum for the other 1/2 hour.
Since, she has only 1/2 hour for lunch, she has requested for something that she can eat fast :) Anyway, I have prepared fried popiahs for her today and hope she will like them :)

Fried popiahs decorated with seaweeds/white and yellow love shaped eggs :)
That's for her lunch today ... will be back with more and interesting bentos soon :)

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allthingspurple said...

decorated with love shaped eggs and also decorated with lots of love !!