Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bento # 50 @ 17 February 2009

17 February 2009

My 50th Bento !!!!!!!! 50th!!!! I have successfully prepared about 50 bentos for Misha since school started in September 2008!! Aiyah .. 50th bento .. also want to make noise I am sure many of you will think ... hahaha. Anyway, I am proud to say that ... say what? hahahaha .. anyway, I hope that I will be able to prepare more cute .... more colourful, tastier food for Misha in the future. ... :)

There is nothing special about this 50th bento .. just fried rice ... muahahahaha .. sorry to disappointed you guys :) Anyway, come over .. let's have a look :)

fried rice decorated with SPAM and potatoes :)

fruits :)

Oklar, that's all for now... more 50s bentos soon, I hope :) Byee

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Annie Q said...

Congratulation on your 50th Bento!!That is a lot hard work lei. Keep up the good work. :)

Your fried rice look so yummy!!