Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bento #17 @ 160908

16 September 2008

Misha woke up earlier than usual today amd told me that she wanted rice and dishes for lunch in school. Nothing much left in the fridge as I needed to go to market on that morning, dug and dug found some minced pork that supposed to use to fry vegetables for dinner.
Anyway, since no choice, I have to use cook that for her lunch. Really do not know what to prepare for her, at last decided just fried the minced pork. Let's have a look what I have prepared for her lunch on that day :)

boiled sweet corn/fried minced pork/fried kangkung/sambal ikan bilis with rice decorated with asparagys/carrots/eggs
orange - fruit
snack - ops .. supposed to be biscuits to be eaten with tuna dip :)
That's all for that day .... :)

5 precious comments:

Annie Q said...

AH! Finally there is some bento post! Wait till my neck also grow long.
Don't know what to cook, but still come out so good!! I like the Elephant carrot and the moon egg. So cute!!

Bento Pet said...

I really admire your daughter for being able to eat all types of food! Not picky like my youngest girl!

Great job with the quick fix!

Bento Pet said...
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Malaika's mummy said...

I was told kangkung is a summer vege. Now no more. How come you can get kangkung?

Vivianz said...

yeah, misha is good at eating.. not a fussy eater... and pretty bentos!