Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bento #15 @ 100908

10 September 2008

Small "boss" requested for some fried noodles for lunch. Since I did not buy fresh noodles from the market, decided to use instant noodles instead.

Let's have a look :-

lunch - fried instant noodles/sausages/brocolli/carrot
snacks - some cakes (bought from bakery)/mashmellow/seaweeds and sour candies
fruits - pear and golden kiwi fruits

Misha told me that I should give her more noodles. Not enough :)She also told me that I should put more chillies so that the noodles will taste better. Sigh, not easy to make this small boss happy :)

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NomadicMom said...

At least she likes some chillies. Both my boys so difficult. A bit of spice also cannot. Make our food so boring like that.