Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bento #14 @ 090908

9 September 2008

Misha requested me to prepare rice and dishes for her lunch. She told me that she wanted to rice. I woke up earlier today to cook rice and prepare the dishes for her :)

Let's see what I have prepared :-

lunch - boiled eggs with sambal/brocolli/carrot/fried minced pork and some vegetables :)
snack - kuih lapis cut into love shapped/seaweeds/jelly and mashmellow :)
fruits - pear and beans

Misha told me that the sambal is so delicious and told me that I should give her more. Will do so in future, darling :)

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Sasha said...

Sie choo.. i give u 10/10 for that!
Misha, yr mum is so nice. U must be good girl and sayang her more okay ?