Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bento #8 - 010908

1 September 2008

This week, Misha will have her school lunches on Wedsnesday and Friday respectively. Ok .. today I have prepared something simple for her lunch :)

lunch - brocolli/carrot/deep fried minced pork/edamame beans/
rice with shaped eggs and carrots :)
watermelon/HAMI melon/sweet plum
Poppan biscuits to be eaten with cream cheese spread/
teeenie weenie biscuits/mashmellow and raisins
That's all for now :)

4 precious comments:

Bento Pet said...

Dropping by after a busy stint with the Bento Party! Your bentos are awesome! For a 'beginner' (though you don't seem one) the bentos are creative and cutesy!

Awesome! Awesome! Keep it up, I might even learn somethings from you!
Love your piano nori cut out!

Wonderful Life said...

Wow...nice bentos! Did she finish all up the food??

huisia said...

your plum look like an egg...haha...a fullmoon egg LOL

Eagles' Wings said...

I wish I have a Mom like you who made such delicious looking Bento. Maybe my sons would love it too ;-)