Friday, September 26, 2008

I am going to ...

Today, I will be going to Lamma Island with Misha and her classmates. This will be their second class field trip.

There will be 7 parent helpers (included myself) and 1 teacher going with the students. Each adult will be taking care of 3-4 students. Since I am going, therefore, Misha will be under my group together with another boy and 2 girls.

We will leave the school at about 9am. It takes about 1 hour to reach the Central Pier where we need to take a 30 minutes ferry to Lamma Island. This will be my 1st time to Lamma Island, too :)

The students will spend about 2 hours there and at about 1.30 we will leave the Island to come back to School. I really hope that tomorrow is a good day ie no so hot and no rain ... just nice weather :)

Ok .. that's all for now. Will try to take photos to post later ok? Till then, take care and me signing off now. Oh yeah, need to bring Misha to the skating rink for her to practise skating. She had her first class on 22/9 and she loves to skate hahaha. .. wonder how long she will have interest in this field :)

Byeeee everyone !!

Oh yeah, I am in the process of scanning Misha's baby photos - have a look at one of her photo. It was taken when she is only 3 months old :) hehehehe :)

3 precious comments:

Princess Geraldine's mummy said...

I like the picture, she's so cute and chubby and pretty too in the Disney outfit. Yeh, scan and post more baby pics of Misha. Enjoy your trip to Lamma Island and your weekend too!

Annie Q said...

Can't wait to see the picture. One stone kill two birds huh. Since u never been to Lamma Island, so this round you can go with misha and at the same time taking care the students. Good!

LZmommy said...

So nice of you to volunteer to help out in Misha school :)

Princess Misha looks so adorable!