Friday, September 19, 2008

Hair mags

I have to cut my hair :( Very messy now and lots of white hair .. arghhhh ... but but .. do not how to explain to the hair stylist what to cut. Husband suggested that I should get hair mags, choose the style/color that I wanted and then show them so that they can actually cut accordingly.

Ok .. these are the two mags I bought!!!

Hopefully the person will cut my hair accordingly :)

4 precious comments:

allthingspurple said...

haha.I dread hair cuts too !! Very often, they don't turn out the way I want them to be.

Show us a pic if it turns out the way you want it, okay?

Yenny said...

I think I need to pay a visit to the saloon. Its been more than 6 months I didn't trim/cut my hair. My hair is now messy/untidy. Show your pic once you have your new haircut, ok?!

Annie Q said...

hmmm..y not ur ask the hair stylist give u some suggestion? Ask them to cut a hair style that suit u or ask them to change a new hair style for u, this is what i always did. :)Let them design something for u.

huisia said...

hey, don't forget to show me your photo :)