Monday, September 29, 2008

Bento #13 @ 080908

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8 September 2008

On 8 September 2008 was Misha's first field trip for Year 4. The students were required to go to a park nearby ie Ma On Shan Park to observe the surroundings and to interview a few people relating to their Unit Of Inquiry, ie Community.

Each student was requested to ask the people at the park how they felt about the community in that area and how to improve it, if needed to.

They actually left the school at 9am. Had their snack at the park and returned to the school before lunch, ie before noon.

I did not prepare heavy lunch for Misha as I felt that she will be too tired to eat :(. Anyway, let's have a look what I have prepared for her :-

for her snack at the park

her lunch in school

verdict : She finished all the food given to her. Now, I need to decide what to prepare for her ie for her next field trip that supposed to take place on the last week on September. They are going to Lamma Island to observe how the people live there. Lamma Island is very far from the school and the students need to take a ferry to go there :(

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