Friday, September 5, 2008

Bento 6 # 280808

28 August 2008 - Thursday

Today Misha will bring food from home for her snack and lunch. ... :) She is still alright bringing food to school :) Anyway, today I have decided on the following :-

for snack - some mini fish shapes biscuits/raisins/mashmellows and caramel soft cake (which Mum bought for me from a Japanese bakery)
fruits - watermelon/pineapple and HAMI melon
rice topping - to be stored in a small container so that IF she wants it then

she can eat with her rice

yeah .. her lunch :) Rice with sausages/fried fish/sambal ikan bilis/eggs/brocolli/carrot

Verdict : She loves whatever she brought to school especially the sambal in the eggs. She said that the egg tasted much better especially with the sambal on it :) Guess, my darling still love and enjoy spicy food :) Yeah yeah .. still a malaysian :)

3 precious comments:

NomadicMom said...

Waaa...looks like a lot of work!

allthingspurple said...

Love the rice bento and how you put the carrot flowers on top. I love carrot topping too.

Serene said...

Hi, Misha's mum.. thanks for dropping by my blog! =)
You're very good in preparing bento. It looks very tempting! I bet your kid sure like it very much!