Monday, September 22, 2008

Bento #11 @ 040908

4 September 2008

I need to prepare snacks and lunch for Misha on that day. Let's have a look what I have prepared :)

rice/brocolli/carrot/asparagus/bean/salmon/fried chicken and green peas

snacks :)

fruits - tried to use this thermos container to see how long i can keep the fruits cold but alas, the fruits are not cold by lunch :( Need to find other alternative to keep the fruits cold

That's all for today:)

3 precious comments:

Yenny said...

What a healthy lunch for a lovely girl! Wow, you're a very hardworking mum, keep up the good work!

Blur Angel said...

i like the carrots!! :) the pig shaped one especially !

jacss said...

look at d boxes...i like all those pink & red ones but not for my boys...too bad!! neat & nice bento works....