Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bento #5 @ 270808

27 August 2008

Misha still loves to bring bento to school. She loves to show off her "beautiful" bentos to her friends and as for my part, I am very happy that she actually eat much more fruits and vegetables nowadays.

Today, I have to prepare food for her snack and lunch time. Let's have a look what she has brought to school :)
some melt in your mouth biscuits/fish strips and japanese dolls biscuits - for snack time

apple/Hami melon/kiwi - fruits

brocolli/carrots/octupos shaped sausages/long bean fried with sambal/fried eggs in different shapes

Verdict : Misha finished everything :) Told me that she loves the lunch the most. Very colorful and nicely decorated :)

6 precious comments:

Sasha said...

give yr bento to me and i will show off also. So nice

Annie Q said...

nice nice, i like the lunch too!So yummy!! Good that misha love vege, my boys still don't eat single vege :( So good, carrot somemore got moon and star shape and so do egg!!

Eagles' Wings said...

Another enthusiast of Bento! Unfortunately I don't really get a chance to do it. But yours look very delicious.

Anonymous said...

eh u must bring me bento accessories shopping when i come in Nov!

Wonderful Life said...

Wow... she finished everything means your food was very delicious!

Anyway, it's good that she finished all otherwise your effort will be drained.

huisia said...

where did you buy your bento stuffs??