Friday, October 17, 2008

Bento #21 @ 220908

22 September 2008

Let's have a look what I had prepared for Misha on this special day :

fried kangkung/deep fried drumstick/fried minced pork with rice and brocolli
kimchii seaweed (very nice and spicy!)/sweet corn and some junks :)

grapes and star shaped pear

Misha loves the kimchi seaweed and the fruits and of course the rice and dishes. Her teacher actually saw her star shaped pear and said that the fruits looked lovely. And guess what she told her teacher. She said "You should see my lunch - it looks much more creative than the fruits". .. :)

2 precious comments:

Annie Q said...

Misha so proud of her mummy's hard work. Keep up the good work sie choo, Misha appreciate it a lot. :)

huisia said...

she can finish all ar??