Monday, February 9, 2009

Bento #45 - 9 February 2009 "Happy Chinese Valentine's Day" .. :)

9 February 2009

"Visited" a few Japanese Mums' bento blogs last weekend and really envy those Mums that able to prepare such beautiful bentos for their kids.

How I wished I would able to do it. Well, this is my first try .. hopefully it looks presentable :)

pinwheel bread/sweet potatoes and bread.
this is how the pinwheel bread looks like :)
Misha told me that the teddy bear looked so cute! Well .. of course she will say the bear is cute because she has yet to see those cuter ones hahaha :)
That's all for you :) Ta ta

4 precious comments:

huisia said...

Very cute! You did it :)

Annie Q said...

Nice! Very cute! Hmmm...can i "curi" ur idea ar? Doing for my boys. :)

Anonymous said...

cannot compare liddat la..yrs made with love for her ma...of course the cutest la!

NomadicMom said...

Very cute what!!!
I do not think that I will EVER have the patience to do such bentos lor..