Friday, March 13, 2009

Bento #54 @ 25 February 2009

25 February 2009

Today's bento is a simple one. The day before I have decided what to prepare for her. I decided to buy small bun for her - to stuff with sambal ikan bilis, an egg tart, but it is not enough with this two small thing - then I decided to add one small slice of bread for her :)

Hope she will like it :)
top to bottom : Small bun stuffed with sambal ikan bilis - decorated with cheese/seaweed; an egg tart and small slice of cheese sandwich :)

Oh yeah, I did prepare a small container of fruits for her - but forgotten to take photo - anyway, it is a simple and no- deco fruits :)
That's all for the day !

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Hello Misha mum! thanks for dropping by my blog! :D