Friday, March 6, 2009

Hmmmm ......

Every morning, the worst thing to do is tying Misha's long hair. She wanted different styles each day .. arghhh :)
Well .. today I have decided to try something different ... see what I have done to her hair .... :)

Nice? Asked her after school, anyone said that her hair is nice? She told me with a sad face, she said "No one even noticed my beautiful hair" Hahahaha .. guess my good work is not good enough :)

Must work harder to surf how to tie hair .. muahahaha :)

4 precious comments:

Annie Q said...

maybe i can ask my sil, she is really good in tying her girl hair. Everyday different styles. :)

wen said...

poor gal, maybe u shd try some other attractive styles. i cant do it early in the morning on my gal's hair as my eyes will be half closed. i must think the night b4..

NomadicMom said...

Waa... "yi-ah-sei-hau" (24 hour) mommy!!!

allthingspurple said...

Nice !!!!

I can't even do any plaits like that. I can only do those normal plaits. I rely heavily on floral hairclips (black) and ribbons hairclips (also black) haha, for variety. So call variety lar

When you come back to KL, you gotta show me how !