Monday, March 16, 2009

Bento #55 @ 26 February 2009

26 February 2009

Today I have prepared some rice for Misha's lunch in school. I also prepared some rolled eggs. The rolled eggs were secured by cute duckling picks that I bought long time ago :). Besides the eggs, she will also have some sambal and fried minced beef as dishes :)

The rice is decorated with very small flowers that can in three colors :) ie made from cucumber, cucumber skin and carrots .. they are really lovely. I personally think that the smaller the flower, the cuter they are :)

Ok .. that's for her lunch today. .. hope she likes it :)

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Annie Q said...

hehehhee, i just do something similar last weekend. :)

Winnieeee said...

thanks for dropping by my blog :)
I purchased the bear,flower and rabbit cutters & multi face cutters from CP.

Have a nice day!