Friday, April 3, 2009

Bento #60 @ 17 March 2009

17 March 2009

I copied another japanese mum's bento .. YES! I copied hers! The reason was because I think her bento looked very interesting and wanted to try out ... anyway, it came out successfully BUT Misha told me that the ham were quite dry ... maybe i should add some butter for her in future :)

cute looking "candy" looking sandwich ...


Ok lar, that's all for now :) Happy bento ing!

3 April 2009

Today is Misha's last day of school, she will be on Easter holidays for two weeks!!! Two weeks!!!!! Ok lar .. time for us to bond bond, scold scold, kai kai, eat eat .. oh yeah, need to practise flute since exam is just around the corner.
So friends .. no bento for the next 2 weeks!!!!!

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Annie Q said...

hmmmm...don't said la copy copy,or shall said we "use" their idea? :D Since japanese mum always got great idea and very creative, so we "learn" from them.

Nice Bento!! Very cute!!

NomadicMom said...

Hello... today is also boys' last day of school. 2 weeks of holiday. We are actually flying to HK next Wed 8th and staying till Tues, 14th. Maybe we can meet up??
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