Monday, April 20, 2009

Books ... :)

Misha and myself will usually spend about 2 hours in a bookshop, usually on Friday. The reason is because we have to wait for Daddy to finish his work (yeah yeah ... at about 8pm) so that we can have dinner together since Misha's skating lesson ends at 5:30, so we basically have more than 2.5 hours to kill.

Where else to go especially it is a shopping complex that you go every week. So .. bookshop!!! Hahaha ... well, reading books in bookshop does not mean that we did not purchase any book. Every week, definately spend money on books.

Let's have a look what I have bought :-

Yeah .. Mao's Last Dancer. A friend told me that I have to read this ... ok lar .. buy lor .. at this moment, only read like 10 pages .. hahaha .. long way to go :)
The remaining books are recipe books. Planning what to cook for the week is quite hectic. Usually on the weekends, I will spend some time planning the menu for the week eg what to cook, what to buy from the market, what to buy from the supermarket, etc etc ... so .. hehehe .. no easy :)

Let's have a look what recipe books I have bought :)

curry bible

how to make cupcakes

365 dish a day

Ok ok .. like Misha says, I have to start planning since I already bought couple of recipe books to try out the recipe :)

That's all for now, folks!

4 precious comments:

zewt said...

curry bible.... haha! wow!

Annie Q said...

wow!! so many cook book!!!! Next time u must cook for us already. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi.. i have been your silent reader for a while. i have always love your creative bentos that you made for your lucky daughter.

anyway. ive read mao's last dancer. quite an inspiring story. i hope you enjoy reading that book.


huisia said...

i want the book - how to make cupcakes!:)