Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our simple dinner on 210409

We love spicy food .. we really do :) So each time, when we are desperate for spicy food, we will definately take a cab to Wan Chai to makan. But each time, we have our meal there, it is NOT cheap. The fare for cab per way will costs us about HK150 .. so it is quite expensive just to have a decent meal :)

So, people like me that is kiamsiap will definately try to cook more spicy food at home .. . hahaha .. to save money :) Ok .. for dinner tonight, we have decided to have nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis/Burmese Meat Curry - I used pork/kacang/timun and hard boiled eggs.

Let's have a look what I have prepared :)

Verdict : Both bosses love everything!!!! It is my first time cooking the burmese curry but it turns out perfect. Misha said that even the sambal ikan bilis is lovely - do you know why? hahaha ... it is because i grind the ingredients MYSELF rather than using those ingredients that I bought from KL Market .. hahaha .. see .. sendiri made ingredients definately taste better :)

Ok lar .. that's all for now :) Ta ta :) and have a nice day :)

2 precious comments:

Annie Q said...

U're not "kiamsiap".At least home cook one better than eating out, eat out food normally with lots of MSG. See u also agree the ingredients u grind yourself taste better than bought one!

Susan Yuen said...

That looks fantastic! We just had lamb sambal for dinner, ours did not look as great as yours!