Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Giving Sheltie away

I have to give my puppy, Sheltie, away yesterday. Yeah yeah yeah .. . .me being mean and bad .. but I have no choice. I admit that I do not have the patience to toilet trained him even though he has shown progress in doing so. Well ... I am going to miss him BUT I will more prefer to "let" him go.

Since we do not want to give Sheltie back to the pet shop, we tried to look for a new owner for him. At least someone in husband's office willing to "adopt" him. I hope that they will love Sheltie as much as we do.

Princess was very sad ... ie giving Sheltie away. We promised her that we will get another puppy when we are back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for good. But as at now, Princess's dad has promised her that he will get her another pet .. ie FISH !!!!! Guess, it is easier to maintain :)

Anyway, I admit that it was my mistake, to buy the puppy without thinking in detail .. so SORRY !!

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FatMan Seoul said...

It's ok. At least there's less pressure in the house, so when your husband comes home from his daily-stressed office, he is not confronted by the family mop of doggie dung.

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Judy said...

Just came across your blog through your daughter's blog, through Nomadic Mom's blog...hahaha.

I also made a mistake of buying a West Highland for my son when we moved to UK. My son had no time to walk the dog and he was difficult to train. I was the one who ended up washing the dog and clipping his hair. In the end we gave him away to West Highland Society.

No more pets since then but when we were in Melb, I have seen my son bawled his eyes out when his mouse died or when we gave away his buggie. So sad to see him cry. :(

May I link you please?