Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Singapore Radio Station

I do not really like to watch Hong Kong programmes on telly. Some of you may wonder why? Reason .. me lazy .. hehehe .. I prefer to listen to radio station instead.

Lately, I discovered there is a Singapore Radio Station that really interest me. I will actually logged on to the radio station since in the morning and only logged off when I intend to go to bed :)

The radio station is called 91.3, do visit them when you are free (www.radio913.com) 91.3 is a brand new name, a brand new format, and a lineup that boasts many of the biggest names in Singapore radio from the past decade. It is an English language radio station that promises not just ear candy but food for thought, too.

The DJs are Joe Augustin, Petrina Kow, Suzanne Walker and Hubert Tang. This programme team will be led by Hubert. I think 91.3 is a great radio station, not just a mix of music, but a mix of people.

Anyway, do visit them, if you are free ok?

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