Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Guess What .....

Hubby just gave me a new samsung mobile phone .. muahahahaha .... so .. NOW I have 3 samsung mobile phones ... you must be wondering why I need so many phones .. I myself , also not sure ... :)

Well .. one for Hong Kong number, one for Malaysian number and the other one? Hmm ... maybe keep .. until someone needs to use it urgently :)

This is the MY new samsung mobile phone . yeah .. it is SGH U600. The Samsung U600 is a pretty decent handset. U600 comes in in four colours - platinum metal, sapphire blue, garnet red and copper gold. Mine is sapphire blue! :) This phone will be used for Malaysian phone number

This is my existing mobile phone using Hong Kong phone number. Love this phone very much because it is in RED and it is a limited edition .. hahaha ..

This mobile is exactly the same with the RED one but it is only in black. ... most probably will keep this phone until someone needs it in future.

So ...

these are NOT the only mobile phones in the house. Husband is currently using two more samsung mobile phones and Misha .. hehehe . yeah .. she is using one too.

Well .. guess we are MOBILE phone family .. :)

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