Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our humble hut :)

Hong Kong has many tall buildings and the streets are full of people at all times. Where do these people live? Most of them lived in high-rise housing estates. Most of the housing estates have facilities like shops, banks, restaurants, clinics, markets, elderly hostels, nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, gardens and play areas, car parks and bus terminals.

The place we are staying at the moment is called Vista Paradiso, located in Shatin. Vista Paradiso comprises 11 high rise towers overlooking Tolo Harbour. Misha’s school is just opposite the apartment so it is very convenient for her to go to school. It is also easy to get public transport here. The KCR station is just a walking distance so it is very easy for us if we intend to go to the city. Shopping is rather easy too .. everything is just nearby. ... :)

Do have a look at those pictures taken ok?
Renting a house/town house is not cheap here, was told that the average rental for an unfurnished town house (one floor) costs about HK20,000 to HK30,000 (depending how old the house is) .. expensive right?

Anyway, Vista Paradiso is a nice and cosy area to stay, no complaint yet ... :)

Okla .. will more next time .. till then .. take care :)

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Anonymous said...

welcome to reality world.. which no money no talk. So... must earn hard and smart to save money.

misha said...

nicole .. yes SIFU