Monday, April 16, 2007

I have something to confess

Princess Misha will be 7 years old next month .. time really flies very fast .. like a friend told me ... blink blink couple of times.. the child will grow already. Personally, I think what she said was true. .. blink couple of times more, she will finish her primary school, few more blinks she will graduate from secondary school, more more blinks she will graduate from uni.. more more more blinks .. she will get married and have child(ren) .. yeah I wish .. that these blinks come so easily .. hahaha :)

Princess and I went through many things together since husband stationed overseas most of the time. We used to spend lots of time .. shopping ..eating out .. watching movies..laughing .. crying... etc etc .. I really love spending time with her :) Sometimes, I do really miss spending time with her BUT what to do .. priority has changed, NOW she has to go to school and study

Sometimes I will scold her being forgetful, being too playful etc etc but everyone told me that she is just a small girl .. must give her chance :)

I think I have brought her up into a good girl (at this moment) and I hope that I will continue to love and care for her in the future too ...

Darling, Mummy loves you ... and will always do :)

2 precious comments:

Min said...

hi! maybe it is time to get Princess a bro/sis? hehe :) she's really cute!! i love looking at her pictures!!

misha said...

hi min

:) bro or sis? hehehe .. one also difficult to handle :)