Friday, March 30, 2007

Lunch with Princess

Today, I had lunch with my Princess since she can go back earlier (ie last day of school - usually the kids are permitted to go back at 12 noon). We went to a shopping complex nearby to hunt for food. At last we agreed to have some Malaysian food .. yeah .. Malaysian food.

After looking through the menu, we noticed that the place does sell quite a varieties of Malaysian food. At the end, we decided to order Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fried Kuey Teow and Satay (yeah .. satay ... u saw it correctly!)

fried kuey teow

Hainanese Chicken Rice

We waited like 20 minutes, the Hainanese Chicken Rice and Fried Kuey Teow were served. Have peek. Princess and me quickly picked up our chopsticks and fork/spoon to try the food. To our dissapointment, the Fried Kueh Teow is too oily :( but the Chicken Rice is ok :) We waited for our satay .. BUT was told that satay finished. Princess is dissapointed. Anyway, told Princess we will try that some other day.

Conclusion is the food is ok ok only. We have tried better and nicer Malaysian food in Hong Kong. One of the best Malaysian restaurant that can be found in Hong Kong is called SABAH, it is situated in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Will blog about that .. next time!!

Till then, take care

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Annie Q said...

nice slide show.This is the new one is it? Havent seen that b'4.