Thursday, March 22, 2007

A to Z about myself

A is for age: I am 39 this year but still look pretty... hahaha.
B is for black: My favourite colour.
C is for cooking: I dislike cooking.
D is for diamond ring: Husband gave me a diamond ring on our 10th wedding anniversary last year.
E is for emotional: I am an emotional person.
F is for fierce: I am a fierce mum to Princess Misha.
G is for favourite Group: Il Divo.
H is for house: Bought a house at Bukit Jelutong this year!
I is for interest: Interested to learn other languages but lazy.
J is for favourite juice: Mango juice.
K is for korean series: I absolutely love korean series.
L is for labrador: Love this type of dog to bits.
M is for Misha Paris: My Princess's name.
N is for nationality: I am a Malaysian but residing in Hong Kong now.
O is for oh ..oh: What should I write. :)
P is for patience: I must learn how to be patience with my Princess.
Q is for question: I dislike to answer question hahaha.
R is for red: Another favourite colour of mine.
S is for sleeping: I love to sleep-fav past times.
T is for thai food: My favourite food.
U is for USA: Intend to save money to go to Disney World in USA.
V is for VIP: I am the VIP in the family hahaha.
W is for Wonderful: Lucky to have wonderful people around me.
X is for xmas: Best time of the year.
Y is for yatch: Dreamt of having one before.
Z is for zodiac sign: I am a Pisces.

Look at these photos. This is how Princess Misha looks like when she is less than 1 year old. Isn't she cute?

When Princess Misha is younger, she did win some prizes when I submit her photos for baby contest. The prizes are baby diapers and baby stuffs hehehe .. good to have a cute baby right :)

She is the apple of my eyes .. and I love her very much ... too much sometimes :)

SHELTIE -not feeling well (Part 3)

Called the vet this evening to ask about Sheltie's progress. Dr told me that Sheltie is getting better ie no more blood in his stool BUT he still has coughing. He told me that I can actually bring Sheltie home tomorrow. I told him that I would prefer to bring Sheltie back on Saturday so that he (the Dr) can take care of Sheltie for another day for me.

Dr futher elaborated that once Sheltie is discharge, Sheltie still need to take medication for his cough and most importantly his intestines. Dr also mentioned that every thing should be alright in another 2-3 weeks time.

When I told this to Princess and husband, both of them are happy, at least at this moment Sheltie is out of danger :)

Ok .. will write more once I call Dr again tomorrow .. till then . take care :)

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