Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SHELTIE - not feeling well

today is a sad day ...

Sheltie woke up quite early in the morning .. looked weak. Husband said that he is shivering, maybe too cold .. since these few days weather are not good .. ie windy then sunny then windy again .. even the humans can feel the cold

Sheltie did not want to eat his dinner .. just smelt it .. and then walked away and sleep at one corner. He looked so tired :(

Decided to bring Sheltie to see a vet.The clinic is very far away from our residential area and it will close at 10.00pm.Rush there with Sheltie so that the doctor can have a look at him :(

Doctor told me that high chances that Sheltie was infected by virus. Dr said that Sheltie has infected by a powerful virus called "Coronavirus". It is a virus that affects the intestinal tract of dogs. Dr said that Sheltie's case is quite serious therefore, need to be admitted in the hospital for further observation. Dr did mention that luckily Sheltie was only infected by Coronavirus only IF he was infected by Parvovirus, the chances of being alive is very very low. The reason is taht the parvovirus the most powerful virus :(

We did ask the Dr how Sheltie can be infected. Dr just mentioned that usually this virus is passed from another dog and usually it takes about one week to be infected. Soo .. the conclusion is that Sheltie got the virus from the pet shop. Dr also advised that in future, if we intend to buy puppy, do bring the puppies for a body examination first before buying the puppy.

We left Sheltie in the hospital and will need to call back tomorrow to check on his status.

If you are interested to read more about this virus do go to http://www.cpvh.com/Articles/8.html

We really pray hard that Sheltie is ok and recovering fast as he is a tiny pup :(

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