Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SHELTIE - not feeling well (Part 2)

Called the Vet today to get updates on Sheltie.

Was told that Sheltie is slightly better. His stool is harden BUT still has some blood in it. Now Sheltie coughs :( Dr said that his lung is also infected ... now on medication and must take extra care. The good news is that Sheltie can come back home in another day or two.

Princess mentioned to me if possible she does not want to keep Sheltie anymore because she is really scare of Sheltie. Spoken to husband and decided that he will try to look for a new owner for Sheltie rather than sending Sheltie back to the pet shop. Even though Princess is scare of Sheltie, she cried and cried when told me that she does not want to keep her .. :( .. soo sad!!

Well .. what we can do at this moment is that pray hard so that Sheltie will be fine as soon as possible.

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