Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thousands of human :(

Husband went to Macau ( for a meeting over the weekends. Left only Princess and me (and the pup called Sheltie) at home. Since me lazy to cook, we decided that we should go out to have lunch. Usually dislike to go out during the weekends. Why? The reason was we have to queue for a long time just to eat. Anyway, we agreed, we still go out to have lunch and window shopping.

When we reached Shatin Centre, the whole place is full of human. Young, old, pretty, ugly, white, black and all in different shapes. Well .. luckily we only need to wait like 5 minutes before we we able to get a table.

A few of the photos taken on that day ... thousands of human .. rushing here and there .. as my husband said earlier 'WELCOME TO HONG KONG" :)
many people ..
more people ....

and many more people ....

where are they going actually .. me wonders :)

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