Friday, March 23, 2007

SHELTIE - back at home ...:)

Brought Sheltie back home today. Dr confirmed that he is slightly better but still coughing. He has to take 3 different medicines, twice a day.

Dr mentioned that if after 3-4 days, he still coughing, then need to bring him back to see Dr again :(

Well .. Dr did mention that it will take about 1-2 weeks to clear the coughing. Princess said that the coughing sounded like a handphone hehehe :)

See how cute is this Princess .. Princess is only 3 years old when this photo was taken. It was taken during one of her kindergarden's concert.

Time really flies fast. .. it was only like yesterday, the concert took place and now she is already going to be 7 years old !!!!

I miss her when she was younger, so adorable and cute!!! hehehe .. well all kids will eventually grow up ... right? :)

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